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Fuel Borne Catalyst



CDTi Fuel Borne Catalyst products reduce emissions, enhance in-cylinder combustion & regenerate Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

Catalysts are a key part of many emission control systems; Fuel Borne Catalysts are fuel additives containing minute amounts of organo-metallic catalysts. We have developed a range of Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) products, with many of these based on our Platinum Plus® technology, to reduce harmful emissions, reduce operating costs and increase the performance of emission control devices.

Fuel Borne Catalysts can be used with a variety of engine & vehicle types, from on-road diesel vehicles to generators & off-road equipment. With key uses being regenerating Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs), reducing emissions & improving fuel economy.

With Diesel Particulate Filters, Fuel Borne Catalysts can be used as the sole method of regeneration, along with other regeneration systems, or as a problem solver for DPFs that are having regeneration issues. Fuel Borne Catalysts can also commonly be known as “DPF Cleaner” or “DPF Regenerator” fuel additives. Our products can reduce equipment down time & maintenance costs and allow a wider range of applications for Diesel Particle Filter operation.

We have a range of products including our premium Platinum Plus® technology and can custom formulate products based on application & customer requirement. As well as selling our own branded products we can also supply material for private label sale.

Our Platinum Plus® is a unique patented solution which allows for high performance in DPF regeneration while using very low dose rates, extending filter life and reducing operating costs. PatFluid® is a robust cost-effective solution offered to the European Aftermarket for DPF regeneration on diesel passenger cars.

CDTi FBC Benefits

  • Regenerate Diesel Particulate Filters, allowing their operation in a wide range of applications and reducing operating cost & risk.
  • Increase fuel economy, particularly with medium & heavy-duty diesel, increases can be expected in the range of 4-8% and in some applications even higher, leading to significant diesel fuel savings.
  • Reduced engine out emissions, allowing your organization to take meaningful steps towards reducing global warming and air quality while the investment pays for itself.
  • Products and technology with a long history of proven success in various applications and as a part of major projects.


Designed as a universal replacement for Fuel Borne Catalysts used by various European passenger car manufacturers, PatFluid® is a cost effective and highly reliable Fuel Borne Catalyst for the aftermarket. PatFluid® is for diesel vehicles with DPFs that have an on-board additive tank. When the original additive runs low, as shown by a dash warning, the tank can be refilled with PatFluid by using the PatFluid Transfer Kit. For more information please see the PatFluid product brochure here.


Platinum Plus®

Platinum Plus® is our flagship Fuel Borne Catalyst technology and has been extensively used with both Heavy Duty Diesel retrofit Diesel Particulate Filter systems and passenger cars equipped with DPFs. Our Platinum Plus® is a premium technology offering high performance and unique benefits. For more information on Platinum Plus® please contact us.


Custom Products & Private Label

With our long history & expertise with Fuel Borne Catalyst technology we can custom formulate products for fuel economy improvement, DPF Regeneration & emission reduction purposes. This can be for use in a variety of applications & industries, from on-road trucks to generators and off-road equipment.

We have developed & sold Fuel Borne Catalysts for over 20 years and we welcome all inquiries regarding our products and technologies, please contact us for more details:

Toby Brampton
General Manager, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1293 804 770
Mobile: +44 (0) 7565 142 225
Gatwick, United Kingdom

Dan Lyon
National Sales Manager
Tel: +1 805 205 1348
Mobile: +1 805 415 0100
California, United States

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