Engineering & Development

  • Custom Catalyst Technology & Application Development
  • Process Design, Scale Up & Optimization
  • Catalytic Reactor Design and Fabrication

analytical services

  • Chemical Composition - XRF
  • Surface Area/ Pore Volume - BET
  • Crystallography - XRD
  • TPR/ TPO - Temperature Program Reduction/ Oxidation
  • TGA - Temperature Gravimetric Analysis
  • TPD - Temperature Program Desorption
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Pulse Chemisorption For Oxygen Storage Capacity
  • Metal Dispersion

Catalyst solution and slurry coating

  • Prototype To Production Volumes
  • OEM Approved Quality System
  • State of The Art Zone and Loading Control
  • Rapid Tooling and Process Customization

Testing services

  • Flow Reactor for Catalytic Activity
  • Dynamic Oxygen Storage Capacity
  • Rapid Aging Tests
  • Catalytic Poisoning / Failure Analysis

Please contact with questions or inquiries

Campbell McConnell
Phone: 805-639-9470

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