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CDTi is helping to address some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. As a leading provider of catalyst technologies, CDTi is at the forefront of the transition to a clean energy future. Our technologies are powering industries around the globe to create a more sustainable future for all.


CDTi’s catalyst coating technology is critical to many carbon capture and storage strategies, including Direct Air Capture (DAC). See more ways CDTi is taking the carbon capture market 
to new heights.

Emission Reduction and Fuel Efficiency

CDTi’s catalyst technology is widely used around the globe to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs in on-road and off-road applications. Learn how CDTi is revolutionizing the market in emission reduction and fuel efficiency.

Hydrogen Production

Producing hydrogen is challenging due to the expensive and energy-intensive production process. CDTi has developed innovative catalyst and coating technology that allows key production processes to run more effectively and at lower production costs. Explore more on how CDTi is changing the hydrogen production market.

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