Platinum Plus®

Good for Diesel Engines,
Good for the Environment.

CDTi Platinum Plus® is a premium Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) technology that improves the performance and reduces the maintenance of diesel engines with
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) emission control systems.

Discover the Key to Peak Engine Performance

Platinum Plus® has been extensively used and tested across the world for more than twenty years 
with proven results in applications, including:

  • On-road vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine engines
  • Diesel power generators

The Smart Choice for a Cleaner, Greener Diesel Engine

CDTi’s Platinum Plus® is a revolutionary bimetallic combustion catalyst specifically designed to improve the performance and efficiency of diesel engines. Benefits of using Platinum Plus® include:


  • A more complete and efficient combustion process.
  • Reduced formation of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are harmful pollutants that contribute to air pollution.
  • Lower temperature at which DPFs regenerate, which can extend the life of your DPF and reduce the risk of blockage or damage.
  • Reduced engine out soot emissions by up to 25% to decrease load on the DPF.
  • Fuel economy improvement of 4-8% or more, depending on engine and application.

Packaging and Formulation

Whether you need a small bottle of Platinum Plus® for your personal vehicle or a bulk IBC for your commercial fleet, CDTi has you covered. Our experts can provide you with the exact type and amount of Platinum Plus® fuel additive that you need, in a convenient packaging size, including:


· Small packaging (<1L, 1L, 5L)
· Drums (20L, 205L)
· Bulk IBCs (1000L)


Platinum Plus® is also available in a variety of formulations depending on your specific needs, and custom blends can also be made available on request. Contact CDTi to learn more.

Searching for Better On-Board Dosing?

CDTi’s PatFluid® is particularly well-suited for diesel engines fitted with on-board dosing systems, 
and for vehicles driven in dusty or stop-and-go conditions.