Three Way Catalyst

Highly efficient, patented low PGM formulations for the control of Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and NOx.  Millions of catalysts produced over 20 years for customers such as Honda, GM & Renault.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Industry leading, EPA Verified SPGM™ DOC catalyst  breaks down pollutants in use for a multitude of applications to include mining, on-road, construction & stationary equipment.  Extremely low temprature requirements provides emission reductions across all duty cycles.


Diesel Particulate Filter

Using the highest quality DPF substrate provides 98%+ reductions of particulate matter.  Coupled with CDTI's patented MPC® technology provides exceptional thermal stability.  Available in base metal and PGM formulations.  Catalyzed DPF's included in Verfications by CARB, EPA & VERT.


Selective Catalytic Reduction & Ammonia Slip Catalyst

Patented Zeolite Material designed to provide robust NOx Reduction at Lower Temperatures and innovative Ammonia Slip Clean Up with excellent N2 selectivity


Materials Technology

Wide platform of patented technology for the improvement of platinum group metal functionality to be utilized with catalysts across myriad applications.


Industrial Process catalysts

Durable, effective catalysts for industrial processes.  Solutions include Oxidation Catalyts, Three-Way Catalysts & Selective Catalytic Reduction


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