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Purifilter™ employs a silicon carbide substrate and precious metal catalyst coating – providing superior performance and durability compared to traditional DPFs. Under common operating conditions, Purifilters automatically oxidize accumulated particulates.



The CombiFilter™ is a non-catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter that is actively regenerated.  On-board and off-board regeneration models are available to best suit the needs of the customers operation.  CombiFilter™ is also popular in mining operations.


Purifilter™ OR

Purifilter™ OR is a passively-regenerating diesel particulate filter (DPF) that is compatible with a wide variety of off-road engines. Purifilter™ OR uses the same silicon carbide filter media from our other field-proven Purifilter™ models and augments it with proprietary  Mixed Phase Catalyst (MPC®) technology, an upstream diesel  oxidation catalyst and highly-efficient thermal insulation.


Purifilter™ Plus M

Purifilter™ Plus combines the passive regeneration of Purifilter™ with  electrical heating elements that are used to periodically clean the  DPF – making it an outstanding choice for both urban and highway drive cycle applications.


AZ & DZ Purifier

The AZ & DZ family of Purifiers and Purimufflers are diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) that reduce carbon monoxide build-up. They also cut exhaust odor by reducing hydrocarbons and soluble organics of emitted particulates – decreasing particulate matter (PM) emissions, exhaust opacity and exposure to known diesel toxins.


Purifilter™ EGR

The Purifilter™ EGR leverages CDTi’s advanced MPC® precious metal catalyst technology on a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) upstream of an advanced base metal-coated DPF.  This combination provides low back pressure, reduced cleaning intervals, and more than 98%+ PM reduction.


Off-Road CatTrap™

A field proven passively regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter, commonly used in mining operations since 1990.  CatTrap™ features an advanced base metal soot ignition catalyst does not produce NO2 emissions while also reducing particulate by 98%+.

Field proven solutions

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Applications and Industries

  • Diesel
  • Truck
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  • Drayage
  • Refuse
  • Mining
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  • Stationary
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • Power Generation

Verified Solutions

CDTi Products have been tested under the most stringent requirements to achieve government verification and ensure you will meet local regulations.

CARB Verified US EPA Mine Safety and Health Administration VERT

Please reach out to us for all of your emission reduction and compliance requirements.

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