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CDTi Advanced Materials develops technology and materials for myriad catalyst markets including emissions, industrial and electrocatalyst applications.  With market leading expertise in catalyst design, engineering, coating and testing, which is applicable to both combustion based technology and clean energy use and storage. We uniquely develop technology and materials that incorporate engineered base metals to support and enhance catalytic performance. The scientific application of CDTi advanced materials results in stable, robust performance and reduction in the use of costly platinum group metals.


With internationally recognized emission Verifications, operations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden, CDTi can provide global distribution, perspective and cutting edge catalytic solutions.


CDTi has spent decades developing Industry leading catalyst technology for low PGM material platforms, with versatile functions in emission catalysts, hydrogen production, next generation batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen production.  With millions of emission products produced for Original Equipment Manufacturers, industrial producers and customers across the globe, CDTi Advanced Materials provides solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.


CDTi has decades of industry leading product innovation experience.  With a wide variety of catalytic platforms, we offer complete solutions for heavy and light duty engines, fuel treatment and myriad materials technologies.   Our products are patented and Verified by multiple Government agencies.


CDTi can develop custom Catalyst coatings on ceramic, metallic, flow through and wall flow substrates for almost any application. We specialize in challenging applications such as high or low temperature catalysts where durability and performance require unique technology and processes

With a full suite of analytical and reaction testing for material characterization in a wide of variety of application conditions, we can rapidly prototype and test for development of optimized solutions.

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